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June 2011

Alta Contour

By Knee Pads

If you have done any length of military service chances are that you have seen one of Alta’s knee pad offerings. Of course being one the biggest knee pad producers means you get copied. The only real grumblings I have heard from co-workers on Alta pads ended up being clones. So at SHOT this year I popped by the booth to see what was new in the world of knee pads. I was shown the Contour knee pads and instantly liked what I saw. The pads articulate to move with you providing better coverage. Not only that but they fit over my giant legs which is nice.

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Converse C8891 Multicam Boot

By Footwear

At SHOT Show 2011 I was wandering around and found a booth called Warson Brands which carried the full line of Converse’s military footwear. This surprised me because I had not heard anything about Converse in ages and thought they had dropped their military line. I had heard nothing but good things about their boots from guys overseas but never really saw many stores carrying them. Well it turns out Converse is still pumping out boots and in this case had some new ones in Multicam.

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HSGI Denali

By Chest Rigs/Plate Carriers/Belt Rigs

I have longed liked the look of HSGI’s chest rigs. They seemed like a great way to carry a pile of magazines while still having a ton of admin capabilities. Last year I managed to pick up a Multicam Denali for a price I could not pass up. Having spent the last few years playing around with various molle setups and it was nice for a change.

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