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September 2013

JDC Custom Kydex Magazine Carrier

By Uncategorized

Kydex gear is something where your most expensive tools you need to make it are a Dremel, toaster oven and a foam press… It’s cheap to get into and it seems everyone and their dog these days is trying their hand at it. You have some of the bigger companies like Raven Concealment, Off the Grid Concepts and several others at it but how does a small company get noticed. Quality, turn around speed, and customizability were certainly what got me interested in JDC Custom Kydex.


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S&J Hardware D.S.C.

By Made in Canada, Shell Carriers

Few sounds in the firearms world are as recognizable as a shotgun being pumped to load a round in the chamber. It’s a sound that can cause just about anyone to comply with the holders demands. However that sound means one of the very few rounds the shotgun holds is now in the chamber. Shotguns typically range in capacity from 4-8 rounds. Sure that shotgun shell is firing several good sized pellets at the target but what if you miss? What if there is more threats then you have rounds? S&J Hardware came up with a simple solution to the problem, have more rounds on the shotgun to be readily loaded when time or circumstance permits.


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