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Denver, CO – AimLock, a pivotal innovator in the defense industry, continues to redefine precision targeting and engagement capabilities with its state-of-the-art semi-autonomous weapon systems. 

Since its inception in 2009 and incorporation in 2013, AimLock has been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensor management, and computer vision into advanced weapons systems, enhancing targeting accuracy and operational efficiency in combat scenarios.

AimLock’s dedication to enhancing the capabilities of warfighters while ensuring their safety through advanced technologies is unwavering,” said Bryan Bockmon, CEO of AimLock. “Our systems are designed to increase the speed, accuracy, and safety of military engagements, making them indispensable in modern warfare.”

Revolutionizing Military Engagements with Core Targeting Module

Central to AimLock’s technology suite is the Core Targeting Module (CTM), a robust computing solution that drives precision in fire control and platform management across air, ground, and unmanned systems. The compact, IP67-rated CTM brings unprecedented processing power to various military applications, from unmanned mission computing to guided weapons launch control.

Seamless Integration with Legacy Systems

AimLock excels at marrying new technologies with existing military hardware. Integrating the Core Targeting Module into legacy systems enhances their efficacy without necessitating complete overhauls, bridging the gap between traditional and modern warfare technologies.

Innovative Semi-Autonomous Weapon Systems

AimLock’s portfolio includes the I-M1 and R-M1 systems, which significantly enhance the capabilities of medium-range rifles and machine guns by introducing autonomous targeting features that improve accuracy and reduce response times in dynamic combat environments.


The R-S1 system, part of AimLock’s R-S Series, offers versatile applications, ranging from sniper overwatch to precision strike capabilities. It is designed to function effectively in both ground and aerial engagements.

Remote Operated Launch System (ROLS)

The Remote Operated Launch System further underscores AimLock’s innovation in semi-autonomous weaponry. Integrating the Core Targeting Module with a single launch tube for APKWS, ROLS extends the reach and precision of this established weapon system across various new platforms.

Leading the Future of Defense Technology

As AimLock continues pushing the boundaries of military technology, it invites defense departments and industry stakeholders to experience the transformative effects of its semi-autonomous systems. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing combat effectiveness and warfighter safety, AimLock remains a key player in the evolution of modern military operations.

For more information on AimLock’s innovative solutions or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

About AimLock

AimLock is a leader in semi-autonomous weapons technology, specializing in developing precision engagement systems that enhance combat effectiveness and operational superiority across diverse environments. AimLock’s commitment to innovation and safety is demonstrated in every product designed to help warfighters fulfill their missions securely and efficiently.

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