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November 2011

Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT

By Jackets/Midlayers

I wanted a TAD Stealth jacket for a few years now. I was on exercise last time they were released and sold out in my size. Thankfully a year or so ago I managed to snag a Stealth Reloaded. The jacket fit really well and was quite warm. The hood was nice and big and adjusted well for the various weather conditions I wore it in. I was also happy that it kept me dry even in some really heavy rain and wet snow. The only issue was it didn’t work so well in warm weather. I found myself sweating and not wanting to take it with me. Cue the Stealth LT which doesn’t have a liner but keeps the same great familiar shape as the Reloaded.

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5.11 Rush 72 Pack

By Packs

If you have poked around this site before you may have noticed I was a big fan of my previous pack the Rush 24 so at this year’s SHOT Show when I saw the new Multicam bags being displayed I had to have the bigger brother. Unlike my 24 which gets used for a lot of travel and civilian stuff the 72 was being picked for military work only. The larger volume made it ideal as a field bag for my various middle of nowhere outings.

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Leatherman MUT

By Multi-tools

Having used various multitools over the years in the army and civy side I have always been wanting more. There were always bits and pieces about the tools that I didn’t like or thought were unnecessary for what I required in the military. Thankfully I managed to grab one of these gems and couldn’t be happier. It has all the tools I require and a few that have proved more useful than I thought.

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