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December 2011

Wicked Edge Sharpener

By Miscellaneous

If you are a knife guy like me or have a wife or husband who is a chef you have likely dulled a knife. There are many ways to sharpen knives out there and a lot of them are not super good for the knife or take considerable practice, patience and skill to operate. Thankfully due to a post on the USN I stopped by the Wicked Edge booth at SHOT show. I had just got my brand new Strider SMF and wanted to get a look at their units. Striders are hard to sharpen on most sharpening systems due to the angle of the edge. The Wicked Edge team at the booth were more than happy to show me the system on my knife and proceeded to have a good chat with me while doing it. When the knife was finished it could shave hair off my hand almost as good as my Gillette razor. Now this likely isn’t a system for you if you have cheap Chinese clone knives you get at the flea market or most surplus stores. This system is if you own knives worth depending your life on or quality kitchen knives.

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By Pocket Tools

Having a small tool on your key chain that can be used on a the odd job like cutting some tape on a package, screwing in a loose screw or popping open a bottle can be useful. It can save you going to the garage to grab a tool or stopping yourself from improvising with the wrong tool. So it’s no surprise that I have more than one key chain tool that I put in rotation. The newest tool comes with a hidden ability as an impact weapon.

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