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September 2012

782 Gear Smokin’ Sweater Full Zip

By Jackets/Midlayers

I ended up winning a Facebook contest before Christmas 2011 on the 782 Gear Facebook page. The contest was for a 40% off card and allowed me to pick up some pretty cool kit. As you may have guessed from my previous review on the Snugpak Sleeka Elite I am a big fan of insulated layers. I don’t believe in wearing just one layer when out in the field because you can’t regulate for temperature, physical activity or weather conditions. The Smokin’ Sweater is a lighter insulated layer meant for higher activity in cold weather. This is also the first set of photographs where I tried using the display mannequin. Its the same height as me but model skinny so if it looks like there is a bit to much slack in the clothes that’s why.

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