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March 2011

Bates C3

By Footwear

Have you ever thought to yourself why are my boots so damn warm or in the extreme case wake up to a layer of salt formed on your boots because of the sweat from the day before. Well Bates has their answer for you. This answer comes in the C3 line. The boot does this by having an insole with holes in it and vents at the side of the outsole.

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Firearms Guide 2011

By Miscellaneous

Its a strange thing to be told one of the coolest things to see at a massive live fire press event is a piece of software. However this is what I was told by more than one press member in attendance. I happened to be eating lunch when one of the press members I was eating with flagged down the owner of the company. I exchanged my card with him and a month or two later I received an email looking for my address. Firearms Guide allows you to search for firearms, airguns and ammo using a wide variety of search criteria. It includes 425 manufacturers and over 50,000 firearms, airguns and ammo. Not only that but there is a section that has loads of gun schematics for those of you who want to work on your gun or find the item number of a replacement part.

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