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March 2010


By Lights/Lighting Implements

The Petzl TACTIKKA XP is a multi brightness headlamp with several wide angle colors that can be popped in. This allows you to meet the lighting discipline of your mission while going hands free. The TACTIKKA headlamp runs on 3 AAA batteries with a max stated run time of 120 hours on low.

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Gear Keeper Retractor Lanyard

By Miscellaneous

The following review is on a product by Gear Keeper. The retractor lanyard system is very versatile in mount methods and forces to extend. It allows you to attach an item like a flashlight, multi tool, keys etc to your person. Once attached you can extend the cord by pulling the item to use it. This helps minimize loss of essential small kit items. They even make retention systems for firearms. The one being reviewed in the article is the 9oz of force Heavy Duty Snap Clip model. This model allows the Gear Keeper to be attached to a D-ring or other similar item.

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5.11 Rush 24 Pack

By Packs

The following review is on the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 pack. I am no longer going to school but sometimes need to drag my laptop pens and paper around for work or this site. This bag was chosen for the amount of organization it affords the wearer. The bag was designed and tested by Kyle Lamb of VTAC.

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SHOT Show 2010

By SHOT Show

In 2010 I attended my first SHOT Show. SHOT Show is an extremely large firearms, police, military and outdoor convention hosted every year. This year it was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately I was attending for a different reason then this site this year so there aren’t as many pictures as I would hope. However I will be attending next year and will be sure to take more photo’s.

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