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January 2014

Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator Pack

By Packs

Amidst my every growing collection of packs is one that doesn’t jump right out at you like Multicam or other camouflage patterned bags do. This pack is the Stealth Operator Pack and it was designed not to look out of place in an urban environment. For many years I have been using military packs for day to day use because I was tired of replacing my bags every year for school and other activities. The only issue with that is you stick out like a sore thumb and in some locales or certain situations this might not be a good thing as some places are just not military friendly. This is where the Grey Ghost Stealth Operator Pack shines.


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Grey Ghost Gear PVS-14 Pouch

By Pouches, Pouches

Grey Ghost Gear has been producing great gear at a price that grunts can afford for a couple of years now. I happen to have an ever growing collection of their gear due to the awesome value I am getting for American made gear. When I saw that they made a PVS-14 pouch I was interested but the lack of pictures on their website was concerning to me. I figured for the $26 USD it was worth a shot at grabbing. I am glad I did, because this pouch securely holds my PVS-14 and keeps it safe from the bumps it receives being attached at my hip on my padded belt. Check the article out by clicking on the picture below.


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High Speed Gear Inc TACO Pouch

By Pouches

HSGI has long been one of my favorite gear designers/manufacturers. When I first got a hold of the TACO pouches at One Shot Tactical I knew it was something special. Its now been a few years and I still dont want to trade up for something else. I even use the pistol TACO for my Multitasker. You can check out my article on them by clicking on the image below.


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Cadex and S&J Hardware Remington 870 Top Rail and Stock Adapter

By Attachments, Made in Canada, Remington 870

I recently wrote an article for the folks over at MOTUS on two Canadian firearms parts manufacturers. The article is on the S&J Hardware and Cadex top rail and stock adapters. I am also pleased to note that along with more firearms content there will be an increase on Canadian manufactured items. 2014 is looking to be a year of change around here. Click the picture below to be taken to the article.


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