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Ultimate Survival Technologies – fire starters
– Wetfire Tinder
– Blast Match
– Trekker Stormproof Lighter


Fire is one of the most important tools in a survival situation or even just camping. From fire you keep warm, melt snow and boil water, cook, sterilize, make signals, and much more. Unfortunately starting a fire is not always easy, so why not have some tools that can make it easy. Ultimate Survival Technologies has a large selection of just those tools, along with many other great products.


Wetfire Tinder

Wetfire 1

Wetfire tinder is a versatile and powerful tinder, it’s lightweight, small, lights easily, burns for a long time, and as the name implies it can even be lit while wet, or floating in water. The cube can be easily broken apart so the tinder can cover more of the area that sparks from a flint would hit, and so you can only use what you need meaning that one cube can be used to start many fires.

Wetfire 2

Once you have the tinder lit you can pile on small sticks, leaves, grass, etc. and the tinder will do the rest, giving you the fire that you need. The only downside is the limited lifespan of un lit tinder after the package has been opened, it can be expanded up to 3 months if it can be put into a re-sealable bag though.

Wetfire 3

Blast Match

Blastmatch 1

Blastmatch 2

Now that you have tinder, you need a way to light it. The Blast Match is a flint stick that you can completely operate with one hand that delivers a lot of sparks. Once open you simply place your thumb on the striker, apply pressure and push down. A highly directed blast of sparks will cover the area below and light your tinder. When working on soft soil you should find a large rock or stick to place under the blast match so the flint does not sink into the ground. Pressing too hard can sometime cause the striker to dig into the flint and jam up so you should practice a bit with it if you plan on leaving this in a survival kit.

Blastmatch 3

If you are trying to light some stubborn tinder and need some extra umph, you can scrape off some of the flint using the striker into a small pile, when struck by the sparks the shavings will also ignite creating even more heat to light whatever you need. The Blast Match is rated to last 4000 strikes which should be enough to last years of outings. To ensure even wear of the flint, it freely rotates inside the case.

Trekker Stormproof Lighter

Trekker 1

If you are the type of person who prefers to make fire with fire rather than playing with flint and processing tinder to make it small enough to catch on just sparks, then the Trekker is for you. This butane lighter has a very large fuel tank, holding enough gas to last a rated 1000 ignitions, as well as 2 large windows that let you monitor the fuel level. The Trekker, like the Blast Match, can be operated with one hand. The Piezo-electric starter combined with the 2 stage button guarantees ignition every time even when wet. It’s size is bigger than normal lighters, but it is still small enough to carry around or pack away in small pockets or survival packs.

Trekker 2

The Trekker has a rubber coating that both protects the unit and makes it easier hold. A double latching system ensures that the cap cannot be accidently opened, yet it is still easy to open with one hand. If you don’t feel the need for the hinge latch it can be easily removed from the lighter. The cap has a single O-ring to help keep water and other debris out of the lighter. Once open, depressing the button to just before the ignition point and holding it there for half a second will allow the chamber to fill with gas, pressing further will ignite the fuel and produce a nearly invisible, powerful flame that will light just about anything very quickly. Refueling is quick and easy and so is flame adjustment via the adjustment screw located around the fill port.


With any combination of these 3 easy to use products or ones like them from Ultimate Survival Technologies, you should be able to start lifesaving or recreational fires in adverse conditions with ease and speed.