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ECHO NiNER Patch Pouch

A industry friend of mine fired me a package of goodies several months back. In it was the Echo Niner Patch Pouch that has been used in various roles since then. The patch pouch is a male Velcro backed patch with female Velcro on the outside. A flap opens in the back allowing items to be stored on the inside.


-Relatively inconspicuous with a patch attached
-Can store E&E basics or some cash to get you out of a jam

-Hard to find a patch that fits it perfectly


This won’t be an overly long article but it will explain what I have used the patch pouch for so far. The pouch measures 3.5″x2.25″ allowing me to fit some lock picks, button compass, various shims and bypass tools, flint sparker, tinder(not in the pictures because I used it that day), folding razor and saw, ceramic razor and tiny handcuff key. There is still more room in the pouch but it is starting to get a bit puffed out at this point. I will likely get rid of the folding knife and sparker and go for a micro saw and ferrocium rod. The pouch has a small Echo Niner tag on it that I tuck under the Velcro. It gives me a small spot to easily reach under and pull it off my bag or coat. I typically keep the Patch Pouch set up as an E&E kit to be used against unlawful confinement. I have used it to keep some spare SD cards in though when attempting to do some video work.


The Patch Pouch when attached to a color matched Velcro area and a patch of appropriate size covering it is fairly inconspicuous, and unless your actively searching for it or know of its existence you likely would not know it’s there.



I have used patches before to hold lock picks and other small escape gear but this pouch is far more convenient. I currently keep a reflective Calico Jack flag patch on my Patch Pouch and plan to grab a couple more in other colors because at $9 USD it’s a pretty decent deal. They are available in black, coyote and Multicam however sadly OD is not a color choice.