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One of the more interesting rifle-related things unveiled at SHOT Show 2023 was also one of the most interesting Foxtrot Mike products available yet: an AK AR hybrid called the Mike-102. The Foxtrot Mike Mike-102 is a hybrid AR 15 and AK 47 rifle with some HK influences forged in. That may or may not appeal to some folks, but you can bet it will to many others.

Why? Because we can. ‘Merica.

Foxtrot Mike Products: the Mike-102

AK AR HK Hybrid?

The FM Mike-102 is an AR15 platform chambered in .223 Wylde that feeds from AK magazines. It utilizes the Foxtrot Mike compact DI system, features a folding stock, and sports an HK-style forward charging handle.

This is an intriguing combination that provides AR handling, the use of rock-and-lock AK mags, and the option of using the “HK slap” to drop the bolt.

Maybe we’re shallow, but we like that.

Here are some other FM Mike-102 things to know:

• Production testing was at least partially conducted during KalashBash and Red Oktober.

• It’s a bufferless system (i.e., no buffer nor no buffer tube).

• Some have a non-reciprocating side charging handle; others have the “slap mod”.

• The “slap mod variant” echoes HK charging handles.

• You can lock the bolt to the rear.

• It takes AK102 compatible magazines in 5.56×45

• Will be available in sizes ranging from a 9-inch pistol all the way up to a 16-inch rifle.

• A 13.9 pin and weld model will be inbound soon.

• So will a 7.62x39mm version.

AK AR Hybrid Diagram

Via Atlantic Firearms

Foxtrot Mike describes the Mike-102 as a “…modern AK-Hybrid, designed for the modern shooter to use a wide variety of  AK 5.56/223 magazines and offer the familiar Rock N Lock magwell.  The 102 is lightweight, accurate, and modular, much like an AR-15, but with the added benefit of using most AK  magazines. It uses a simple direct impingement operating system that is simple and reliable.”

Learn more about Foxtrot Mike’s AK AR Hybrid.

Read this article in its entirety at Rainier Arms.

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