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As we get ready for SHOT Show 2023, we’re lifting the curtain on a slew of new Magpul products scheduled for release during the first 90-120 days of 2023 (mostly!). As a reminder, our new product lineup is featured in Booth 11660 if you’re going to be in Vegas for the show next week.

Today’s big news is the unveiling (and releasing!) of a new organization and storage solution for your rifle case. It’s a completely new system that allows you to customize and upgrade traditional gun cases in a way that changes with your loadout, is easier to use, and offers better protection: the DAKA® GRID Organizer. We’re also talking a bit about our new DAKA® Hard Cases (coming in three sizes) that arrive with our DAKA® GRID Organizer already installed.

It’s about time that Magpul took their DAKA technology and applied it to hard cases. The new GRID Organizer replaces the foam found in many cases with a highly customizable grid system with block insets to stabilize the contents.

Offered for the Pelican V800 and V730 cases.

Learn more about Magpul’s Daka grid organizer

Bud Boomer

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