Shemagh and Patch Set

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***For a limited time each pack will contain an extra 2 Cent Tactical Coin Patch of a different color***

It is your last chance to get some of the most badass shemaghs around (we may be biased) although babies seem to sleep better when swaddled in them. The shemaghs are made of cotton and come from Pakistan where the majority of these sorts of things come from. You can order one in any color as long as it is grey or olive drab since the other two colors sold out long ago.

These things work great in the winter as well as in the sand and if you ask us makes you look a little more badass.

Like with everything we do profits go to military charities.

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Weight .230 kg
Dimensions 26.7 × 38.1 × 2.5 cm

Olive Drab Shemagh with Olive Drab Patch, Grey Shemagh with Black and Red Patch