Leather Flags and Roundels


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We wanted to offer something a little unique and have come up with a couple of variations of our leather roundel and flag patch. The roundels are almost 50% bigger than the ones we were including in the roundel pack as a gift. The patches come in two variations. The darker ones are deep engraved that have a nice pebbled texture in all engraved areas. The lighter patches have a very light engrave but are scored around the images for a bit of a different look. We plan to keep both for now but if one variation outsells the other by a high margin we may choose to just produce it.

These patches involve a lot of hand finishing and can only be made a few at a time. Each patch is glued to the velcro, dyed, cleaned, and then protected with a coat of acrylic finisher.

Note: All flag patches will now come with stitching due to a glue failure in the cold.


Roundel – 1.4″
Flag – 3″x2″

Note these are made from leather and hand-finished minor differences will be apparent in color and may have nicks and other imperfections.

Additional information

Patch and Style

Light Brown Roundel Light Engrave Scored, Light Brown Flag Light Engraved Scored, Dark Brown Roundel Deep Engraved, Dark Brown Flag Deep Engraved