Lightforce USA, Propper International, Emerson Knives, Solutions Group International, and Thyrm have teamed up for the Outdoor Essentials Adventure Giveaway. Outdoor Essentials Adventure Giveaway Launched – 2 Cent Tactical Skip to main content

Lightforce USA has teamed up with Thyrm, Solutions Group International, Emerson Knives, and Propper to present the Outdoor Essentials Adventure Giveway. Their intention, they say, is to equip one fan with all the gear needed to tackle an adventurous SUmmer season.

The Adventure bundle includes:

– Solutions Group International Vehicle Trauma Kit
– Lightforce Enforcer 140mm LED Handheld Spotlight
– Emerson Knives Tactical Kwaiken Knife
Propper Expandable Daypack in Coyote
Thyrm Cellvault battery storage containers
Lightforce Cooler & Hat

Any applicable international trade rules, ITAR regulations, dietary restrictions, and circumscriptions levied by the officious busybodies of your home owners association may still apply.

Outdoor Essentials Adventure Giveaway

The lineup of goodies in the outdoor essentials adventure giveaway.

You can find out more or connect with these companies on Facebook:

Lightforce USA
Emerson Knives

The contest runs through May 11th. Enter your e-mail address for a chance to win.

Outdoor Essentials Adventure Bundle Gear Giveaway

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