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There’s a new version of XTech’s grip available, and you can see it at SHOT Show 2019.


Here’s what they tell us about it.

XTech Tactical first released its popular adjustable angle ATG AR/M4 grip in 2014. The grip’s patented design allows the user to choose from three popular and proven grip angles on the market: 17, 25, and 33 degrees.

XTech Tactical Expands ATG Grip Line with Heavy Texture Grip

Since its release, the grip has become one of the most popular choices in the AR market for both consumers and manufacturers. The company’s record to date stands at zero known field breakages and the grips have a lifetime warranty! The company attributes the strength to the dramatic interface between its two pieces. Known users include local, state and federal law enforcement.

XTech Tactical Expands ATG Grip Line with Heavy Texture Grip


The new Heavy Texture grip features more aggressive styling, but the focus is on function. The grip has a very aggressive texture, finger grooves, and standing cross ribs all the way down the back of the grip. The grip is designed for any user in any environment. The MSRP on the grip is $19.95 and ships with all mounting hardware and a hex key.

Due to the popularity amongst rifle manufacturers, the grip also features a large logo pin where manufacturers can place their logo to increase the branding on their rifles.  The grips are proudly Made in the USA!

XTech Tactical Expands ATG Grip Line with Heavy Texture Grip

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