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Hard Head Veterans, a veteran-owned and operated helmet manufacturing company, has announced the launch of its newest product, the ATE Lite ballistic helmet. 

Proudly made at their facility in Sweetwater, Texas, by the very men and women who have worn helmets into combat, the helmet is designed for military, law enforcement, and patriots of this great nation.

The ATE Lite is an excellent example of Hard Head Veterans’ mission to protect our protectors, as it offers great protection while being ultra-lightweight.

The helmet is made from a hybrid blend of UHMWPE and Aramid and has a shell weight of 1.6 pounds, with a total system weight of 2.3 pounds in the medium size.

The ATE Lite is a perfect blend of performance and comfort, making it ideal for extended use.

Hard Head Veterans is dedicated to producing gear that performs in real-world situations. 

That’s why the ATE Lite was put to the test at the National Technical Systems Testing Lab, the leading independent testing lab for personal protective gear.

Level 3a Ballistic Helmet

The helmet consistently hit single-digit ballistic transient deformation numbers in the single-digit range with an average of 8.27mm at 1400 fps (9mm Testing Data).

Furthermore, the ATE Lite has been thoroughly tested against .40 and .45ACP, with deformation numbers still far below the 24mm required for 9mm (.40 and .45 ACP Testing Data).

FBI casualty data tells us that these three calibers account for the majority of handgun threats in the US.


ATE Lite ballistic helmet (1)

While many manufacturers are moving away from BFD (backface deformation) testing, even new standards such as ASTM WK70812 make this testing optional.

What is Backface Deformation?

Backface deformation is the term used to describe the indentation on the backside of a plate or helmet caused by a bullet being stopped and prevented from penetrating the body.

When a person is shot, the backface of the helmet is deformed. The degree of deformation is a crucial factor to consider since greater deformation results in more severe trauma.

UHMWPE, one of the materials HHV uses for its ballistic helmets, works by using high-modulus fibers with unusually strong tensile strength. When compared to other technologies, these fibers prevent or cause less backface deformation. This means that the bullet’s energy is diffused and spread out much more effectively.

Hard Head Veterans helmets have always been designed with limiting BFD at the forefront.

The ATE Lite has also been tested to the NIJ IIIA standards and is rated to stop .44 magnum in resistance to penetration tests.

MicroLattice Ballistic Helmet Pads

HHV’s MicroLattice Pads not only play an essential role with BFD and blunt impact mitigationbut also provide unparalleled comfort and support in the ATE Lite.

Conforming the helmet naturally to each individual’s skull shape while maximizing airflow inside of the helmet.

The ATE Lite also features Hard Head Veterans’ signature A3S Lite shroud, one of the lightest helmet shrouds on the market, weighing only 32 grams. This night vision retention shroud features rubber inserts and machined aerospace aluminum inserts that prevent movement on most common mounts.

ATE Lite ballistic helmet (2)

In addition to this, the ATE Lite comes standard with our patented SnapBack Retention system, which is a set-it-and-forget-it alternative to dial-type retention systems that have failure-prone mechanical parts.

With a price tag of $978.99, the ATE Lite ballistic helmet is an excellent value for those looking for a premium, American-made ballistic helmet.

Hard Head Veterans is proud to offer a growing list of protective products and to employ a growing number of American veterans to make them.

ATE Lite ballistic helmet (3)

Focusing on customer feedback, they have also decided to make the shell itself available for purchase as a stand-alone product for $764.00.

This will allow end-users to plug and play with various helmet accessories from other manufacturers to get the very best helmet setup for their personal needs and mission set.

Bud Boomer

Bud Boomer is a former American Sheriff from Niagara County who doesn't like Canadian beer but does enjoy wearing flannel. After many years in law enforcement, followed by a few rotations overseas as a contractor with Hacker Dynamics (on the same PSD team, he's proud to say, as Bert Gummer, Tom Evans, and Walter Langkowski). He was an avid outdoorsman at one time, and will still sleep on the ground if he has to, but nowadays would prefer to stick to day hikes and climbs and sleeping indoors where it's comfy and warm. He has been hopelessly lost in the Canaan Bog at least half a dozen times, but still enjoys practicing land nav there. Bud believes anyone who eats poutine râpée is either a commie or stupid.