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This was one of the first things I saw at the show. Not only is a mini gun one of the scariest guns out there but its mounted to a bad ass SUV.

This was a bad ass rifle chambered in .338 Lapua

More from the same booth

A dummy rigged up in police gear at the Diamondback Tactical booth

Patrick Smith of Kifaru demonstrating the new Koala bag

The new helmets at the Crye booth combined old with new

Crye also unveiled there new holster

A photo from the Troy booth showing the new Battle Ax CQB stock and grip

More from the troy booth

A picture of a pink Izula knife from RAT Cutlery or as they are now called ESEE Knives

Beyond’s tactical line booth showcasing a layering system

OTB’s line of  tactical water boots.  Including there entertaining flag at the top right.

OTB’s line of tactical land boots

RM Equipments excellent line of weapon and M203 grips

The ratcheting design and adaptability of these really make it easy to put on and take off

While wandering around I came upon this really coil sighting system for the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle

The blue Gun booth had some really cool training aids/display models.  I might have to pick a set of them up for use in photographs on this site

More from blue gun now introducing black guns

Possibly the greatest paint job on a rifle ever

More of the paint job

Gunner grips on a AR that’s not a common site.  I couldn’t figure out when exactly these may be useful given that the AR platform isn’t a huge fan of extended bursts.

Mako continues to make some very unique accessories like this pistol rail mount

Or this Glock Stock

Magnum had some pretty cool looking dummies as well as the best press kit I got at the show

This little critter was hiding in the Magnum booth

This guy looks ready for a riot

At the H&K booth a belt fed 40mm launcher.

A-Tacs camo on some Remington rifles

A-Tacs at the Blue Force Gear Booth

A-Tacs at I believe the Danner booth

Apparently they are working on a Canadian legal version of the KRISS

DSA Inc modernized RPG

More from the DSA Inc booth showcasing some great paint jobs

This image was made using shell casings.  I thought that was a really cool way of advertising there buisness

This sight makes a deadly weapons system that much scarier

Last but certainly not least are some hawks from RMJ Tactical.  These things are the definition of bad ass.  They are light and strong and meant to be used

Next year I hope to have a better camera because mine did not cope well with the varying lighting types and level of light.  A lot of my photos from the show are really blurry.